Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Datum: WGS84 [ Ajuda ]
Precisió: Aproximat

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Latitud: 24° 53.882' N
Longitud: 66° 35.875' E

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English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

English (Traduiu aquest text en Català): Cherna Island

Com? En barca

Distància A poca distància de la costa (< 5 minuts)

Fàcil de trobar? Fàcil de trobar

 Característiques del lloc d'immersió

Nom alternatiu Churna

Profunditat mitjana 10.7 m / 35.1 ft

profunditat màxima 18.3 m / 60 ft

Corrent Mitjà (1-2 nusos)

Visibilitat Bona ( 10 - 30 m)


Qualitat del lloc d'immersió Molt bé

Experiència Tots els submarinistes

Interès biològic Pendents

Més detalls

Gentada entre setmana 

Gentada al cap de setmana 

Tipus d'immersió

- Paret
- Profund
- Cova
- Grans peixos
- Escull
- Banc

Activitats del lloc d'immersió

- Biologia marina
- Formació de busseig
- Orientació
- Fotografia


- Xarxes
- Explosius

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Per Yousuf , 21-10-2010

Chota Churna by Yousuf Ali - Chota Churna
It is a bunch of smaller than Churna rock near Gadani village happened to be one of the best dive sites for advanced and specialty divers. The bottom composition is rocky, small caves, gullies, vegetation, petite patches of dome corals, soft corals, whip corals, sea fans, goat fishes, barracuda, Arabian angles, giant groupers, and lots of other fauna and flora can be seen around this area.

Gadani beech is a great place for picnickers. Easily reachable from the shore and it goes down to 30ft. deep maximum The whole surrounding area above and below the sea level is a great place for Karachities, specially very popular among the scuba divers and anglers

Kachani Barnacles Reef
A kilometer to the south west of Chota Churna there is Kachani Barnacles Reef which appears above the surface of the sea only at low tide, the great place for scuba diving the ever growing barnacles one side of the rock, start from low water mark goes down up to 40 ft. deep the reef is so different than other side of the rock the maze like gullies and canyon are the hiding places for lobsters. The fauna and flora of the canyon is remarkably beautiful the underwater serenity the ever swinging ferns mesmerizing scuba divers, sometimes they even get disorientated. Often we find large school of chevron Barracuda; Sting Rays; Manta rays; has also been seen in this water.

The other side of the submerging rock present different fauna and flora the low water line adjacent to the part of the rock seen above the water there is a underwater channel in between the two rocks starting from 10ft. below the surface and goes down gradually to 40ft. the width also increases from 6ft. till 20ft. make a underwater valley to our surprise we often found large school of fishes. This is the one of the best place after the wreck of Destroyer Khyber, where the big marine life can be seen, advanced level diver enjoys diving with fantastic marine life.

But all that look gloomy in the near future as the ship breaking yard of Gadani spilling out their poisonous chemical in to the sea, the yard has been extending at a very fast rate and getting closer to the rich marine grounds, this productive area need to be protected before it gets too late.

Per Anonymous , 15-04-2010

Correct name - This is Churna and not Chota Churna. This particular diving spot is called Westridge and has a reef running roughly westwards. the depth is 35 feet to 60 feet.

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