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Lloc d'immersió: Innerkip Quarry

Títol : Trout Lake Park, Innerkip, Ontario, Canada, Scuba Dive July 2012

Descripció : First dive of 2012. All new gear and dive computers, should be new scuba videos nearly every week. There is supposed to be more stuff sunken like planes and school buses but the dive shop was closed on a Saturday at 1 pm in the afternoon. Go figure. Locals were helpful enough but without a dive map it was difficult to locate anything and only found a sunken car. Lots of nice fish, and they get close. Lots of garbage, I mean lots. I had to cut the video carefully as there was trash every every 5 feet. I would have cleaned it up but forgot my mesh dive bags. More info on dive location Divers : Scuba D & JT

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Valoració : 5.00

Durada : 00:03:53

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