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Lloc d'immersió: Gullivers Lake

Títol : Gullivers Lake Park, South Ontario, Canada, Scuba Dive July 2012

Descripció : Nice lake about 45 minutes west of Toronto on the 401 West, take highway 6 south to Safari Road, make a right, drive 2 minutes and you are there. 6 Dollars per person. Scuba Divers must register with the front desk which takes 2 minutes. Very nice and clean water. The water was free of garbage, did not see one bit of anything but nice marine life and a few fish. You can BBQ if you bring your stuff, there is also a dive shop. Fish were friendly and very curious. There is a dive platform west, south west, of the lake. It is about 40-50 feet from the shore. It is shore diving all around, very easy to get in the water and dive. Very nice drop off on the west side to get right in. Also a cool geyser near the north east of the lake but did not get to close to it as we were practicing skills. Max depth about 30 feet. Visibility about 10-20 feet, not very silty but easy to kick it up as always. Dive platform had a clock on it, Big Ben. Somehow my camera glitched out and didn't save those clips. Will get it next time now that I reset and upgraded the cameras firmware. More info

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