Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atles de llocs d'immersió fet per submarinistes i per a submarinistes
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Lloc d'immersió: Y-40

Títol : Y - 40 The deep Joy

Descripció : Y - 40 The deep Joy. The deepest swimmingpool in the world La piscina più profonda del mondo con acqua termale Y-40 — a concept swimming pool devoted to diving professionals and amateurs. Designed with freedivers in mind, Y-40 the Deep Joy will achieve its own depth world record plunging to -40 meters below the surface. An additional feature that will distinguish Y-40 will be the pool's use of thermal water to fill it -- a constant 32/33 degrees°C. The volume characteristics are impressive; the main tank will be 20m by 18m with a depth of 10 meters — with one side offering a shaft that is 6m in diameter descending down to 40 meters. Compared to the Nemo 33 in Brussels that boasts 2400 cubic meters, Y-40 the Deep Joy will exceed that by nearly double with a whopping 4300 cubic meters. www.y-40.com

Etiquetes : terme, abano, montegrotto, euganee.y-40, deep, joy, deepest, swimmingpool, world, pellizzari, scuba, diving, apnea, apneisti, sommozzatori, subaqueo

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