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Central America

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Lloc d'immersió: Cenote Carwash

Títol : SCUBA Diving Cenote Car Wash/Aktun Ha In The Rivera Maya

Descripció : The Car Wash Cenote is one of the better known Cenotes in the Rivera Maya. The Cenote used to be used to wash cars, hence the name. It's right on the road, has a great parking lot and you don't have to drive miles on a dirt road to get to it. It's opening is right at the surface so you literally just climb in. It has a big pond type opening and there are lots of fresh water tropical fish in the open water part that you probably have seen in fresh water aquariums. You dive down and enter a long cavern with lots of formations and then return through the same cavern back to the opening. It's easy and very nice. It's not as exciting as Dreamgate, Pet Cemetery or Hells Bells, but it's different and certainly worth the dive if you have time. You'll see some sediment which is caused mostly by the number of divers around. It mucks up the pictures a bit, but the dive is still cool. When diving caves (caverns) or anywhere really it's very critical that you manage your buoyancy so that you don't kick up silt from the bottom or float into any of the decorations or walls. Buoyancy control is really critical and I've been diving for years and mine is pretty good. But, my dive guide Willian, (The cave diving professional) reached over and adjusted mine to make it perfect to his standards whenever he wasn't 100% satisfied with my efforts. I was happy for his help as I was clearly focused on getting the best video. What's super cool in the Cenotes is that unlike when you walk though a cave and you're stuck on the path, in the Cenote, you can float up to within inches of the stalactites at the top, the decorations on the side or descend to the formations at the bottom. I shot close-ups in all the Cenotes unlike I could ever do climbing through above water caves.

Etiquetes : scuba diving car wash cenote rivera maya, riviera maya (travel destination), cenote scuba diving

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