Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atles de llocs d'immersió fet per submarinistes i per a submarinistes
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 Shark Junction

Bahamas, Grand Bahama

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Per Laura , 02-06-2009

Really Unique Dive - This dive in 45' of crisp clear waters features 3-7' caribbean reef sharks swarming around you, waiting for some food. They are waiting for a few different dive groups that feed them on a regular basis. As soon as they see a boat approach, they move in. As you descent they watch you, checking you out, only to realize that you are not they hand that will feed them today. So they move on. There are also large groupers that will get right in your face. Its a sandy bottom featuring multiple colonies of free-standing rocky coral. Check the sandy bottom for shark teeth, be it that they are loosing them from the multiple feeds. I found 2. It is a beautiful dive that is very relaxing and memorable!

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