Lizard fish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atles de llocs d'immersió fet per submarinistes i per a submarinistes
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Atlas editor

Wannadive is a user-generated content atlas; dive sites, photos, videos, comments are added by many divers around the world! If you know well the dive sites of your region, you should become a local editor!

This is a great way to virtually travel around the world and discover new places and people.

Content validation

Wannadive editors are in charge of validating the content of Wannadive atlas. By content, we mean all new data coming from members of the Wannadive community or non-members (divers visiting the atlas).

There are 5 types of data that editors can handle through the Wannadive back-office:

  • Dive site (new or update)
  • Zone (update)
  • Photo (new)
  • Video (new)
  • Comment (new)

We ask editors to check the content of each post before to publish it into the atlas. Editors may encounter misplaced dive sites or dive sites with no GPS location; missing important data; etc. A search over Internet is a good way to check/find/complete data (Direct copying is of course not allowed - but fact checking is :-)

We also ask our editors to take special care concerning copyright infringement. We must not publish copyrighted materials! This is true for copied texts from third-party websites and photos retrieved from Internet without permissions.

Depending on the editor account configuration, you can be notified by email when a new content is requiring validation by you as an editor.


We grant editors to manage one or several parts of Wannadive atlas. For this, we use the atlas organization.

For example, you may get rights to handle a full continent, a country, a zone or a sub-zone. This mainly depends on your past-contribution to Wannadive and your knowledge of this area. As an example: Please don't ask for becoming an editor of Australia if you only did a one-week vacation trip in NSW!

We are interested in local editors; divers who know really well the dive sites of their region.

How to apply?

Please send the webmaster a request including the following information:

  • Full name and email
  • Wannadive community username (or profile link)
  • Where are you living? Address or City/Country
  • What region/country do you know well and want to manage?
  • (Roughly) How many dive sites do you know from this region?
  • Any other information that help convince us to give you back-office access as a future editor?

Ask the webmaster to become an editor!

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