Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Invite Your Friends - Build your network

Start to build your diving-Network the lazy-mans way... using the new, easy-to-use, low-fat, environmentally friendly, Invite Tool...

  1. Select and Invite your friends directly from your existing address-books GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, even OUTLOOK - but don't worry, it doesn't 'harvest' your emails, just one-time displays them - so YOU can chose who to invite into your diving-network. Probably not your bank-manager or your grandma, but hey, who knows?
  2. The Invite Tool keeps a record of your invitations and shows you those that are still PENDING, and those of your true freinds, those who have read your email and signed-up. For those still PENDING...
  3. You can re-invite them using... yep, the same Invite Tool. The glories of technology! Alternatively you can just drop them as freinds, since they obviously just don't care.
  4. Inviting friends adds Karma to your profile when they sign-up - so you get to look cool.
  5. The wizards of codeland have though of everything... when your invitation is accepted - it automatically adds the invitee (OK, your friend) to your List of friends. Pure Genius.

Invite my friends

Step by step invite procedure screenshots:

  • Click one of the Invite links (Menu link or profile tab)


  • Click the "Add From My Address Book" button


  • Choose your mailer (to connect your mailer address book)


  • Login into your mailer using your email account


  • Select friends from your address book, then click next


  • You can add manually other emails, write a personnal custom message. When done, click the Send button


  • To track your invites, click the "Check Invites" button. The "Invite type" drop-down list let you switch between the pending and Accepted invites.



  • When friends register/login, they are shown into your Profile Friends tab.


  • Invite my friends

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