Big eye, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

Un atles de llocs d'immersió fet per submarinistes i per a submarinistes
Gaudiu i participeu!

Aquesta pàgina tan sols està disponible en anglès. No l'enteneu? Intenteu traduir-la a Català amb el Google Translate.

Blog, Trip, log, Forum... where do I post my content?

Trips - trips are for keeping a diary of your dive trips - these are not directly associated with any one country (in case you are lucky enough to do an Endless Summer), but become associated with Places when you include dive logs within the Trips... You can blog your trip here, add dive logs and photos. Just one note - the photos you want to add have to be already uploaded into you Personal Gallery - its not a great solution, but for now its the best we got! If you are planning a Trip - you can start it before you go, but it will not show up in the public lists until the start date is reached.

dive logs - dive logs are for recording individual dive logs - if the dive logs is part of a dive Trip, then you can build it into the trip - to keep a great record of your dive travels, if it is at a local beach, just add it as a dive logs. Make sure you date it right - else it picks up the date of when you write the dive logs report... You can also add photos here (assuming you had a pro photographer with you in the line-up...) like with Trips.

blogs - blogs are there for you to write whatever you want concerning diving... BUT - keep the Trips separate, and for basic questions to the community... use the Forum

forum - its a forum! Discuss, post questions, answer to other members...

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