Ghianis D wreck, Egypt. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Viatge: Scapa Flow 2008

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Wednesday April 21 2010 12:04:11

Data: des de Oct 4, 2008 a Oct 10, 2008

Descripció del viatge d'immersió:

A week aboard the Sunrise, diving the scuttled German High Seas Fleet.

This was my first experience of a live-aboard and although it looked a little small the boat served us well. With the exception of one failed attempt to drop onto the Tabarka all the dives were successful.

I had to miss out on a days diving due to sinus trouble but this co-incided with the Tabarka incident and we revisited the Markgraf later in the week so I didn't miss out on too much.

During the week I shot mostly video and only occasionally took a photo or two. I collected all the footage and photos that had been taken by myself, David, John & Grant. I stuck the footage together with some random music and it's now available at http://www.allanderdivers.org.uk/scapa.php

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  Date Lloc d'immersió My Rating Max depth Dive time Author  
Mostrar 07-10-2008 SMS Markgraf 43.4 m 56 min markcra Scapa Flow 2008
Mostrar 05-10-2008 SMS Cln 34.7 m 39 min markcra Scapa Flow 2008
Mostrar 05-10-2008 SMS Brummer 34 m 34 min markcra Scapa Flow 2008
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