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Trip: Woodman Point

Written by Gemfyre show Gemfyre profile

Monday March 5 2012 10:37:12 AM

Date: from Mar 5, 2012 to Mar 5, 2012

Dive trip description:

What was planned to be a quick dive at Hamersley Pool this morning turned into a half day trip to Woodman Point.  Hamersley was crowded and way too choppy for snorkelling - the surfers were happy though.  Marie suggested Cottesloe so we went there, and it was packed, a combination of public holiday, hot day and Sculpture By The Sea will do that.  So I decided, what the heck, let's go down to Woodman Point and check it out.

Plenty of parking out on the point.  We went in on the northern side of the groyne and swam all the way around it and to the beach to the south-east.

Apart from the hazard of fisher's lines and spearfishers this was an amazing spot!  Great visibility, varying habitats and fascinating wildlife.

Apart from the fish, there were thousands of sea-squirts on the rocks - some quite large, as well as weird colonial polyp thingies again and something that looked like spaghetti clinging to the rock.  Other critters seen were are large red sea-star, cuttlefish, ctenophores, jellyfish, feather-worms, scallops and razor shells.

Still need to work on equalising my ears when diving.  Around the wall the water was quite deep and I knew there were bigger fish down there, but it was just too painful to stay that deep for more than a few seconds.

Notable fish -

Red-striped Cardinalfish - loads of these.  They are so pretty.  The white stripes illustrated in books are actually irridescent bluish in situ.
Huge Stripeys
A CWA of Old Wives
2 Western Talma
Lots and lots of Perth Herring
The cutest lil' Globefish hiding under a rock
A few different leatherjackets that I have yet to positively ID
A beautiful crimson red wrasse of some sort
Among other things.

Certainly was worth the drive.  I am now completely buggered and think I need a few days off for my shoulders and knees to stop hurting and to catch up on sleep.  It's a very happy, satisified kind of tiredness though, which is awesome.

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Show 12-05-2012 Woodman Point Gemfyre Woodman Point
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