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Trip: Hillary's North Wall

Written by Gemfyre show Gemfyre profile

Saturday March 3 2012 09:30:39 AM

Date: from Mar 3, 2012 to Mar 3, 2012

Dive trip description:

Took Marie here as it was new area for her and she was excited by what I'd seen.  This time we spent more time investigating the seagrass bed in the shallows - which revealed species like Gobbleguts and Sea Trumpeter - both new for me.

Seeing as I now had company I felt a lot more confident and we managed to swim all the way to the bend in the wall.  A little over twice as far as I went on my own.  The visibility was good in most places and I managed to get a few new species as well as a starfish and jellyfish - which became commonplace in the deeper water.  Was interesting to see the different weed types at different depths too.  Fine, green sea lettuce in the shallows and thick, strappy kelp further down.  I had the thought, "Wow, it's just like swimming in an aquarium." and then thought, "Well, duh!"

So much to see deeper down and in the caverns, so I practiced my diving.  Still have to get the knack of equalising the pressure in my ears, and I need to work on my technique to actually get some depth.  Seems no sooner do I get down there that I'm bobbing back up again.

Once again, saw plenty of certain species and can't find them in the book.  One I think may have been Long-finned Pike - although in situ they looked a lot darker above and below with a distinct pale stripe.  The other I have identified as Perth Herring - there were masses of these further out.  They are not actually in the fish book I own, but they DO appear in the library book I got out.  A bit annoying that.  Might have to just write "Perth Herring" in my book and highlight it.

Poor Marie got cold and clambered out of the water onto the rocks to walk back while I swam.  Fins really are amazing things, you can really power along if you want to.

So, onto the fishlist!  Not complete, as many fish are notoriously hard to ID.

Perth Herring
Pilchard/Blue Sprat/Australian Anchovy/Ogilby's Hardyhead (they all look the same!)
Striped Trumpeter (NEW!)
Sea Trumpeter (NEW!)
Gobbleguts (NEW!)
Long-finned Pike (if that is what they were)
Whiting spp.
Fusilier Sweep (NEW!)
Black Bream
Blackspot Goatfish (NEW!) - these are remarkably pretty.
Woodward's Pomfret (becoming possibly THE most common/abundant fish)
Zebra Fish (NEW!) - right out at the end of the swim
Western Buffalo Bream
Silver Drummer
Stripey - lots and lots of them
Banded Sweep
Old Wife - new on previous dive here (one was "nagging" a large Red-lipped Morwong)Western Scalyfin
Red-lipped Morwong
Crested Morwong (NEW!)
Cleaner Wrasse - new on previous dive here
Pencil Weed Whiting (saw on previous dive here, was a newy)
Goodlad's Stinkfish (new on previous dive here)
Banded Toadfish (ye olde "Blowie")
Western Smooth Boxfish (seen on previous dive here, where it was a newy)

Wow, that's quite a list!  Hoping for things like Seaponies... err, seahorses and wobbegongs tomorrow.

Modified: Saturday March 3 2012 09:30:39 AM
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Map of the trip

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Show 03-03-2012 Hillarys North Wall - inshore Gemfyre Hillary\'s North Wall
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