Big eye, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Snake eels and Moray eels. Part 5 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine life of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.

In this video I look at different types of eel in the Lembeh Strait. Snake eels are common here. A convict snake eel, Leiuranus versicolor, swims in the open and bears a coloration similar to some sea snakes, which may deter predators.

Snake eels burrow tail-first into the sand, with just the head exposed. They are ambush predators. We encounter a stargazer snake eel, Brachysomophis cirrocheilos, and a highfin snake eel, Ophichthus altipennis, being cleaned of parasites and dead skin by magnificent shrimps, Ancylomenes magnificus.

Moray eels are also common. We encounter a free-swimming snowflake moray, Echidna nebulosa, and a whitemouth moray, Gymnothorax meleagris. A palechin moray, Gymnothorax herrei, bears the scars of previous conflicts on its face.

Finally I take a look at the ribbon eel, Rhinomuraena quaesita. Juvenile ribbon eels are black with are black with a pale yellow border to the dorsal fin and lower jaw. As it grows older, the ribbon eel turns into a male, taking on a bright blue and yellow coloration. Later, the eel changes into a female. It loses the blue and takes on a completely yellow color.

Ribbon eels have greatly expanded anterior nostrils, along with protruding barbels on both jaws, apparently to help them sense passing prey.

There are English captions showing either the full narration or the common and scientific names of the marine life, along with the dive site names.

"Mucky Secrets" is being serialised weekly on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel to receive notifications of new episodes as I release them. The series will feature a huge diversity of weird and wonderful marine animals including frogfish, nudibranchs, scorpionfish, crabs, shrimps, moray eels, seahorses, octopus, cuttlefish etc..

Thanks to Kevin McLeod of http://www.incompetech.com for the music track, "Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Snake Lady" which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Thanks to the staff and keen-eyed divemasters of Two Fish Divers (http://www.twofishdivers.com), for accommodation, diving services and critter-spotting.

The video was shot by Nick Hope with a Sony HVR-Z1P HDV camera in a Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing with Light & Motion Elite lights and a flat port. A Century +3.5 diopter was used for the most of the macro footage.

I have more scuba diving videos and underwater footage on my website at:

I post updates about my videos here:

Full list of marine life and dive sites featured in this video:

00:04 Convict Snake Eel, Leiuranus versicolor, Jahir
00:39 Stargazer Snake Eel, Brachysomophis cirrocheilos, Hairball
01:04 Highfin Snake Eel, Ophichthus altipennis, TK 1 (Teluk Kembahu)
01:19 Magnificent Shrimp, Ancylomenes magnificus, TK 1 (Teluk Kembahu)
01:32 Snowflake Moray, Echidna nebulosa, Aer Perang
01:59 Whitemouth Moray, Gymnothorax meleagris, Aw Shucks
02:16 Palechin Moray, Gymnothorax herrei, Retak Larry
02:24 Palechin Moray, Gymnothorax herrei, Hairball
02:38 Ribbon Eel (juvenile), Rhinomuraena quaesita, TK 1 (Teluk Kembahu)
02:57 Ribbon Eel (male), Rhinomuraena quaesita, TK 3 (Teluk Kembahu)
03:14 Ribbon Eel (female), Rhinomuraena quaesita, Aer Perang
03:25 Ribbon Eel (female), Rhinomuraena quaesita, TK 1 (Teluk Kembahu)
03:38 Clark's Anemonefish, Amphiprion clarkii, Police Pier 04:09

Teluk Kembahu 1

Diving Safaga area, Egypt in summer 2009 working as a video operator for www.video-bubbles.com 
Filmed with Sony HC46 in an Ikelite housing, wide angle, red filter, no artificial light.

--- 04:05

Panorama reef

scuba diving Kalypso Bay near Plakias Rethymno Southern Crete Greece in 2012

music : "Alpha Beta Gaga" by Air

Filmed with a basic Sealife DC1200 light for night shots is provided by a Cree XML "P7". 06:50

Kalypso Walls

Dahab Diving Trip on October 2011 04:11

The Bells

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Landing Craft LCM3
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    [ Foto ] Serib Sogayar Egypt, El Queseir.
  • Nov 17 
    [ Foto ] Serib Sogayar Egypt, El Queseir.
  • Nov 17 
    [ Foto ] Serib Sogayar Egypt, El Queseir.
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    [ Loc d'immersió ] Corner Point Ladrones Panama, Chiriqui
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    [ Loc d'immersió ] Witzenbeck Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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    [ Foto ] Flintkote Quarry Canada, Quebec. Flintkote
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    [ Foto ] Flintkote Quarry Canada, Quebec. Flinkote
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    [ Foto ] Flintkote Quarry Canada, Quebec. Flintkote
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    [ Loc d'immersió ] Le Mler France, Mediterranean, Hyeres, Porquerolles
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    [ Loc d'immersió ] Lincoln St Bridge Canada, Ontario
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    [ Foto ] CCG Ready Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland.
  • Sep 08 
    [ Foto ] CCG Ready Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland.
  • Sep 08 
    [ Foto ] CCG Ready Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland.
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    [ Foto ] Sugar hill wreck Greece, Crete.
  • Sep 02 
    [ Loc d'immersió ] Sugar hill wreck Greece, Crete
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    [ Foto ] Thomas Place Canada, Ontario, Lake Huron. Inside the cavern
  • Sep 02 
    [ Loc d'immersió ] Thomas' Place Canada, Ontario, Lake Huron
  • Jul 30 
    [ Loc d'immersió ] Luckport Canada, Ontario, Lake Huron
  • Jul 25 
    [ Foto ] Ilha dos Meros - Ponta Sul Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty.

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